PhD Student Juha Jordan

Before joining the BioColour project I was working on my master’s thesis in chemical engineering at Lappeenranta University of Technology. I was convinced that after working hard on my master’s, I certainly would not continue my studies to PhD. Shortly before graduation, I moved from Lappeenranta to Hämeenlinna and found an open position at the HAMK Tech research unit of Häme University of Applied Sciences. Funnily enough the unit was looking for a researcher for the BioColour project on the condition that doctoral research is included. However, the job description was so appealing in every way that I applied and got the position. Still no regrets!

I am especially attracted by the multidisciplinary nature of the BioColour project. In my work, I study the long-term durability of natural dyes. In layman’s terms, I expose the dyed materials to light and moisture and check how much their colors change in the process. Many of the materials I research have not been tested at my workplace before, so I get to learn and apply different practical research arrangements. That’s why I feel like I’m constantly learning something new and exciting. Being deuteranopic I find it rather amusing that I have ended up working with dyes.

In my free time, I play chess and disc golf, relax with my wife and our two cats. Also, all kinds of sports and any games with friends are my favorite pastimes. Although there is plenty to do during the day, nothing beats a good night’s sleep. As a BioColour researcher I was able to visit Angers, France at the IHC2022 conference to present my work on the long-term durability of indigo-dyed plastic pieces. The conference had its own symposium for natural dyes,  which gave me the opportunity to meet many other researchers in the same field and hear about their research topics. As you can see from the photo, the local streets and baguettes also became very familiar to me.