Design Sofia Ilmonen, Photo Juha Huttunen

HDW Designs for a Cooler Planet: Other Kinds of Fashion –exhibiton 8th -29th September 2021

Designs for a Cooler Planet –exhibitons explore research and design contributing to a resource-wise future through the themes of fashion, environment and materials. BioColour –project is one of the collaborators in the Other Kinds of Fashion -exhibition showcasing prototypes and visions to sustainable fashion. Exhibition is part of the Helsinki Design Week -programme.

HDW Designs for a Cooler Planet: Other Kinds of Fashion exhibition. Official event page
Väre, Aalto University, Otaniementie 14, Espoo
Opening ceremony 8.9. klo. 16.15–17.15. online

The approaches to sustainable fashion can be many, yet the main thing is that through creativity designers aim to solve a smaller or bigger problems, linking their work for example to following questions: adjustable size, how to substitute synthetic colours with natural colours, slow design or unique re-design aesthetic or designing garments suitable for circular systems.  

Through these alternative design approaches, designers show that we can approach sustainable fashion through multi-faced ways when we are aiming for resource wisdom and even system level changes in fashion. Non-toxic and biodegradable colourants enable more sustainable solutions for textiles.

Yet to solve complex problems wide collaboration needs to be done between all stakeholders; designers, researchers, industry, busines and other stakeholders. The exhibition has been done in collaboration with FINIX, BioColour and FinnCERES research projects. 

Curator Kirsi Niinimäki  
Exhibition design Markus Koistinen 
Exhibition planning Kasia Korniak, Elina Onkinen 

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Designs for a Cooler Planet – exhibition is accompanied by several side-events and an online exhibition. The opening ceremony of the exhibition will be organized Wednesday 8.9. 16.15–17.15.  

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