PhD Student Natália Oliveira de Farias

By bringing the scientists closer to the public, we bring science closer to the public. Natália Oliveira de Farias’ introduction is the first one in the series of introducing the people involved in the BioColour project. She works in Limeira, Brazil, at the Univeristy of Campinas.

“I am a biologist who loves biology. Nowadays I can not imagine working with anything other than LIFE. Since I was a child, I used to accompany my grandparents in what they liked to do the most, watching movies. The movies that piqued my curiosity, with a more investigative theme were my favorites, moments like these with my grandparents were awakening me to what I would later call “Love for science”. When I entered the University to study biology (the course I am passionate about), what caught my attention the most were the laboratories, right away I got interested and went to find out how to work in one. Since then, I never left the laboratory and I fell in love with Ecotoxicology, which mixes a little bit of everything I like, Ecology and Toxicology. Within Ecotox or in any other academic area, the challenges faced are numerous, but there is one thing that has been touching me in recent years, to understand that things have time to happen when working in the laboratory, especially when working with living organisms. We do not have control of everything. Respecting the timing of things is a challenge and a giant learning experience.”