Friends of Biocolour: pecha kuchas part of BioColour – Exploring sustainable colour seminar and exhibition

BioColour project shared an open call for artists, researchers and practitioners to share their stories of working with biocolours and biocolourants. This page collects together the selected projects, shared as petcha kutcha presentation videos. The presentations are an extention to the BioColour – Exploring Sustainable Colour seminar held 14.10.2021 and an exhibition of the same name in Valo and Katve 1 and 2 galleries in Arktikum, Rovaniemi 14.10.-5.12.2021.

Welcome to get inspired by these explorations of biobased colours!

Pigments & Patterns by Shriya Malhatra

Pigments from wild herbs by Ronja Kuokkanen

Kelp Biophony by Paola Ruiz Molto

Grave Goods by Nettie Edwards

Co-crafting colours by Monica Louise Hartvigsen

Melanie King

Lignin Cascades Palette by Lorenzo Li Greci

Children as future conscious consumers reconnecting with natural dyes by Laetitia Barbu

Living images by Johanna Rotko