Excited State on Stage – Colour and Biocolourants 20.4.2021

Excited State on Stage – event´s recording. BioColour project organized an online event about the chemical and physical aspects of biocolours. The event was targeted especially for students studying natural sciences in various contexts but presentations offer perspectives to everyone interested in biocolourants.

The Program

00:00 Welcome – Introduction to (bio)colour – Docent Riikka Räisänen, University of Helsinki, Leader of the BioColour research consortium

09:38 Nature as inspiring source of bio-compounds and bio-materials – Professor Monika Österberg, Aalto University (BioColour)

46:12 Postdoctoral researcher Rafael Grande, Aalto University (BioColour)

58:20 Postdoctoral researcher Mikko Herrala, University of Eastern Finland (BioColour)

1:08:20 University of Helsinki Chemistry Lab Gadolin presents: Art of Chemistry