BioColour Splashes – Engaging with Materiality and Colour

Welcome to BioColour-project’s broad audience event on Monday 17.8.2020 at 17-19 at Think Corner Stage, Helsinki (Yliopistonkatu 4)!
The event program dives into the relations between colour, materiality and materials. How are the material nature of colour and its properties valued in different contexts? Are we for example expecting biodegradability and fixed colour at the same time? Come listen and discuss about natural dyes in a critical design perspective, their ageing and degradation in cultural heritage objects, and perspectives on sutainable colours in packagings.

Julia Lohmann (Professor of Practice in Contemporary Design, Aalto Univeristy/ BioColour) : Engaging with materiality and colour from design perspective

Maarten van Bommel (Professor of Conservation Science/ University of Amsterdam): Ageing and degradation of natural dyes – the non-permanent nature of colours applied in cultural heritage objects

Minna Autio (Professor of Home Economics, Univeristy of Helsinki/ BioColour): Consumers’ views on packaging, materials and colours
– should the dye be recycled as well?

Kai Lankinen (Executive Partner/ Marvaco): Marvaco – Increasing sustainability in packaging printing

All the speeches are followed by audience questions.

The event is streamed and the streaming link will be added to this event page . The possible restriction in the number of the on the spot participants will be announced closer to the event. The participation is free and number of online participants is not limited. The event recording will be later saved to our Youtube-channel, that you can subscribe from here: